Winter Wonderland and Sunday Thoughts

On Snow

Fortunately, the snow arrived as expected and we were prepared. I spent time connecting up the electric snow blower to move the nearly 2 feet of snow on the 125′ driveway. It took time to push through the snow, while the wind kicked up white snow in all directions, at some times blowing the snow right back into my face. The GreenWorks snow blower is designed for light snow in the sub 1ft depth, so while it was helpful to use this instead of trudging through the driveway with a shovel, it did require extra persistence.

On Flights

This upcoming week will be interesting, as my flights out of Newark have been cancelled. I have travel agents looking into fixing the routing, but as it stands it looks difficult to resume the planned trip to Seattle, then San Francisco. The week is packed with meetings on Cloud, Routing, and some other interesting topics around things we are doing at Bloomberg. United Airlines took preemptive measures and cancelled my Sunday flight on Friday afternoon. Initially I considered this to be drastic measures, but as they also cancelled nearly 10k flights, I felt that at least it wasn’t personal. By the way, check out ; it’s pretty awesome to see statistics on cancelled flights. Tomorrow looks much better, let’s just hope I can be on one of those flights.

On Presidents

Bloomberg running for 2016? I wish I could say this with more eloquence; this is so freaking awesome! Finally a candidate that brings common sense to the conversation, a candidate that have successfully run the most important city in the world, and has left a positive impact on US governmental affairs thus far, and has shown significant impacts on protecting the environment, arts and culture, and civic responsibilities.

As an Independent, if he runs and wins, the state of US politics could forever be changed for the better. George Washington’s farewell address brought some important advice on the danger of the powers of political parties. I have always considered myself an independent mind, an voter that votes for candidates that can do the job. Voting the party line is dangerous; always has been, and always will.



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