comment spam via ipv6

Checking some logs I realized that comment spam was originating from a host in Japan at: 2001:2e8:626:0:2:1:0:b7.

With the plethora of IPv6 addresses, it will only be a matter of time before we see massive comment/email/and web spam originating from IPv6 address blocks.

And what exactly is this machine that is sending comment spam?

Why, it’s a default install of Centos with a bunch of open ports. I am sure some not-so-friendly scripts have found their way inside this vulnerable host and have started using it to generate spam. The fact that the machine was IPv6 connected was likely a coincident, but a useful one (to the spammer).

I have now blocked the /64 of that range to prevent such annoyances.

Setup WordPress Again

It’s been close to a year since I had a functioning wordpress system setup. I finally spent an hour to get the system installed on a new KVM instance. Over the last year I have been using twitter more often as a quick way to post things I am thinking about or find interesting. It’s quick, it’s useful, but it lacks context. There are so many interesting things that I come across that I want to jot down notes (and share) and I find wordpress to be good for this type of activity.

I like writing. I like composing information, and I like reading other’s information on technical material, travel, and general thoughts.

This time I tried out FreeBSD inside a KVM VM; the lastest 8.2 is pretty awesome. Lot’s of good features that I hope to get some experience with at some time. The multiple routing table sounds interesting, although I doubt I have a real reason to even turn this on. This is a stock standard system that is running some basic daemons for web and some media streaming. The system is dual stacked (IPv4 and IPv6) and I have published AAAA records for all the domains hosted on this system.